Oracle pushes ahead with cloud computing laser focus as earnings slide.--> Oracle has seen a decrease in revenue as the firm continues its attempt to make inroads in the cloud market. The enterprise software and hardware firm made sales worth $10.7bn during its fourth quarter, down five percent compared with the same period in 2014. Profit was down year on year by a much larger margin, dropping 24 percent from $3.65bn for the three months ending 31 May last year compared with $2.76bn this quarter. Despite the disappointing set of overall results, Oracle is clearly making gains in the cloud and SaaS market, benefiting from its oft-repeated 'laser focus' on the cloud computing market. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd noted during the investor conference call on Wednesday that the firm added 1,217 new software as a service (SaaS) customers over the quarter, while 760 customers expanded their deals with Oracle. In platform as a service (PaaS), Oracle saw better success rates, adding 1,419 customers in Q4.
SF Court Expands E-Filing With One Vendor in Control of Gateway.--> SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - An across-the-board electronic filing mandate takes effect today in San Francisco Superior Court, accompanied by controversy and litigation over the power of a single private vendor to control the court's electronic gateway. The only private vendor currently able to file directly into the court's electronic file manager - the e-gateway into the court - is File & ServeXpress which holds a hand-me-down contract from Lexis Nexis. As of today, lawyers must file all civil unlimited papers, after the initial complaint, directly through FSX or indirectly through three "third party filers." Those third party filers had to be approved by FSX, must file through FSX, and must pay for the privilege. As a result, FSX is the only private outfit that can retail the filing service and it is also the only outfit that can wholesale it. That combination gives it practical control of the gateway. The market for e-filing in San Francisco, greatly expanded by today's mandate, represents a big pot of money. It is worth roughly $8 million to $10 million a year.
Google has a new secret weapon in war against Microsoft, Amazon--> NEW DELHI: Google is wielding a new weapon against Amazon and Microsoft for cloud computing customers: Itself. Google is talking more openly about companies that use its cloud business, and revealing more about its computing resources, perhaps the largest on the planet. These include disclosures about Google's ultrafast fiber network, its big data resources and the computers and software it has built for itself. The aim is to position Google as a company capable of handling the biggest and toughest computational exercises, lightning fast. The disclosures follow earlier moves by Google Cloud Platform, as the search company's cloud computing business is called, to show off its data analysis capabilities.
Launching of Legal Software for Attorneys having E-filing and E courts Feaatures--> We at Proud Legal Launching LEgal Software for Attorneys having E-filing and E courts Feaatures. This software should be worlds best softwware and fulfill requirements of Lawers .We are going to introduce this software very shortly in all Delhi Lower Courts
Diverse allies rally for Microsoft in overseas data fight.--> SEATTLE (Reuters) - Corporate lobbyists, news organizations and academics joined forces with Microsoft Corp on Monday in the software company's legal battle with the U.S. government over access to customer data stored overseas. The diverse set of interests filed briefs with a federal appeals court in New York, urging it to reverse a judge's order that Microsoft turn over emails from a data center in Ireland. They argued that turning them over would jeopardize the future of international cloud computing. The case has taken on urgency for tech and media companies in the wake of revelations about bulk electronic data collection by the U.S. National Security Agency from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Technology companies including and AT&T Inc T.N and even rival Apple Inc also filed briefs supporting Microsoft's bid to fend off a government search warrant for the emails.
Gmail blocked in China, Great Firewall suspected.--> BEIJING: Google's Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world's biggest email service, with an anti-censorship advocate suggesting the Great Firewall was to blame. Large numbers of Gmail web addresses were cut off in China on Friday, said, a China-based freedom of speech advocacy group. Users said the service was still down on Monday. "I think the government is just trying to further eliminate Google's presence in China and even weaken its market overseas," said a member of, who uses a pseudonym. "Imagine if Gmail users might not get through to Chinese clients. Many people outside China might be forced to switch away from Gmail." Google's own Transparency Report, which shows real-time traffic to Google services, displayed a sharp drop-off in traffic to Gmail from China on Friday. "We've checked and there's nothing wrong on our end," a Singapore-based spokesman for Google said in an email.
Microsoft slates Windows' touch Office for mid-2015--> Among a blizzard of announcements about Office Thursday, Microsoft also snuck in a loose release date for the touch-centric Office it has long planned to ship for Windows. We will deliver touch-optimized Office apps for Windows with Windows 10," Microsoft said in one of several blog posts trumpeting changes to the Office suite on the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. Windows 10, which is now in a technical preview, will ship around the middle of next year, Microsoft has said previously. Touch-based Office apps for Windows -- aimed at touch-enabled notebooks as well as tablets and hybrids like Microsoft's own Surface Pro -- have been on the company's to-do list for more than three years. In September 2011, then-CEO Steve Ballmer hinted that the company was working on "Metro-izing" Office, telling Wall Street analysts, "You ought to expect that we are rethinking and working hard on what it would mean to do Office Metro style."
Microsoft's brilliant move to make money from arch rival Google .--> On Monday, Google made a startling announcement: under a new partnership, Microsoft will let customers move their Windows apps to Google's cloud for free. It's as if Microsoft said, "Ok, Google, we'll share our customers with you." The program goes by the name of the Microsoft License Mobility. It basically says that if a Microsoft customer has a support contract, the customer can move certain Windows apps to a cloud with no extra cost. The software covered includes things like Microsoft's email server, Exchange; Microsoft's database, SQL Server; its videoconferencing and instant messaging server, Lync; its security software, Forefront; and a couple other things. It does not include the full Microsoft Office suite. This License Mobility program is used to encourage Microsoft customers to try Microsoft's own cloud, Azure. But under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has a new mantra: getting people to use Microsoft software
Microsoft rolls out Delve information and people discovery tool for Office 365..--> Microsoft has begun a months-long rollout of Delve, the first Office 365 application that taps into the suite's Office Graph machine learning capabilities and maps connections between co-workers, documents, and information. Delve, announced in March with the code-name Oslo, is designed to automatically surface colleagues, files and data that are more relevant and important to users' work. [ InfoWorld pits Microsoft Office 365 against Google Apps and reveals the best office apps for your iPad. | Stay up on key Microsoft technologies in our Technology: Microsoft newsletter. ] Delve renders these connections via a very visual card-based interface, and bases its output on an analysis of a number of signals and elements from each individual user, such as Exchange Online email message exchanges, OneDrive for Business stored content, SharePoint Online collaboration activity and Yammer enterprise social networking interactions. In the coming months, Delve will also be able to take into account email attachments, OneNote content and Lync Online IM and audio/video communications. The goal is to make work processes more intuitive to engage with and easier to navigate by highlighting for employees the data and connections they should prioritize. At least in theory, that should help employees focus on their most important tasks, colleagues and documents.
Microsoft's Surface Business Has Lost an Estimated $1.7 Billion since Debut.--> Microsoft is bleeding cash from its Surface tablets and may soon have to consider shutting down the business altogether, Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer wrote in a compelling piece against the Surface. Keizer did his own back-of-the-envelope calculation to estimate that Microsoft has lost $1.73 billion since the Surface’s debut in 2012. The total loss for FY2014 was $680 million, and it was $1.049 million for the year before, according to Keizer. His calculations also revealed that in the June 2014 quarter alone, the Surface had lost $363 million, the largest quarterly loss for the Surface since Microsoft started releasing quarterly revenue figures. He said some of the losses was due to massive write-offs from the Surface Mini, which never hit the market despite being ready for production, out of fear it would not sell well. The loss also included some of the manufacturing cost of the Surface Pro 3, which only started to sell on Aug. 1. Because of its late release, only a small portion of its sales were included in the June quarter’s earnings. Keizer argued $1.73 billion may not be that big of a loss for a company as big as Microsoft, but it’s still a sizable figure considering it represented 3% of Microsoft’s FY2014 gross margin. He said Microsoft’s year-over-year revenue growth would have been almost 1% had the Surface unit broken even last year.


Proud Legal Cloud Court- PLCCTM has all the features you’d expect, plus the crucial feature you can’t get from any other software.

All the features you expect:

Proud Legal Cloud Court- PLCCTM features include legal calendaring, contact management, case management, document handling, document production, conflict checks, messaging, time capture, law office billing and accounting — so you will be able to do everything from any location.

The crucial feature you can’t get from any other software:
It’s amazing that after all these years and so many imitators having come and gone, no other software gives you the power to reconfigure without any programming required.


Legal Calendaring

From statutes of limitations to staff assignments, Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  tracks everything and everyone in one master calendar with multiple views. You choose what type of calendar, layout and content you want – daily, weekly, monthly or side-by-side staff calendar.

Court rules and your workflows

Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC) rules engine calculates all critical deadlines for a matter based on the appropriate State and Local court rules that you can get from us or create on your own. You can also use it for workflows and to set milestones that can be assigned to different staff and tracked.

Remote Access and Mobile Synchronization

With wireless sync, smart alarms, and mobile access you’ll never miss a meeting or deadline and always have up-to-date information.


Case Management 

From matter details and handling instructions to case notes, documents and emails, Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC) keeps everything organized in one central location. You can choose to add additional fields and tabs to your matter screens as your practice dictates – there’s no limit to the number of fields you can add.

Conflict of Interest Checking

Know for certain if you can take on a new case or client by running all potential opposing parties through Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)’s conflicts checker. Search by name, partial name, social security number or perform a “sounds like” search.

Intake Screens

Intake screens help you quickly and easily sign up new clients and start new matters. Once you enter information, Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC) automatically populates the matter record, creates contact links and sets rules-based calendar events.


Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  includes standard reports so you can track everything from cases in jeopardy of malpractice to firm and case profitability and attorney productivity. Use any report out-of-the-box or build your own to suit your needs.


Contact Management

Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  stores all contact information for everyone from clients to judges in one location. You can add an unlimited number of additional fields to your contact screens to track information pertinent to your contacts.

Remote Access and Mobile Synchronization

With wireless sync and mobile access you’ll never be without important contact information again.


Document Management

Store an unlimited number of documents, of any type, to your case files. The full text search bar lets you quickly and easily find what you need.

Document and Form Generation

Create personalized document templates from your frequently used documents and forms. Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)   auto-fills them with information already in your database, giving you error-free, signature ready documents and forms in just minutes. Subscribe to our forms or build your own as your practice dictates.


Email Storage

Store all incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook within Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC) . No matter who in your office sends or receives an email, it’s centrally available to everyone.


Say goodbye to sticky  notes! Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  allows you to take messages for unavailable colleagues and link the message to case and client records.

Instant Messaging  

Use PLIM™, the intra-office-only instant messaging system, within Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  immediately send and receive messages, take notes, schedule call back reminders and more.

Time Capture

Timers ensure that everyone’s time is recorded accurately and completely for each activity. Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)   has a bill button everywhere you need it so you won’t miss opportunities to get paid.

Billing and Invoicing

Create professional, polished invoices any way you want them. Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  adapts to your billing schedule and can accommodate hourly, flat fee, minimum fee, payment plans and more.

Credit Card Processing 

Accept credit card payments from your clients and you’ll never have to worry about chasing fees again.

Proud Legal Cloud Court- PLCC™ has all the features you’d expect, plus the crucial feature you can’t get from any other software.

Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC) features include legal calendaring, contact management, case management, document handling, document production, conflict checks, messaging, time capture, law office billing and accounting  — so you will be able to do everything from any location.

A cost effective solution for the small practice

The Challenge

With the introduction of the technology and courts, lawyers are increasingly finding themselves competing with alternative providers of legal services. This means that legal practices must modernize and improve efficiency to allow them to remain competitive; that and effective customer relationship management are vital to future success.

These needs are met by Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC.  It offers a fully integrated practice and case management system, giving the user total control over their working day. It is designed to help your staff effectively manage their clients, cases and documents, record time, process accounts and monitor performance within an easy to use interface.

Key Benefits

Tasks and appointments at a glance – Express’s diary provides a centralized view of your upcoming tasks so you know at a glance what your commitments are for the day.

Monitor performance - Real time performance monitoring of your firm’s financial health with the configurable Digital Dashboard giving instant access to the KPI’s most important to you. Set custom targets and Express will advise you on your progress.

Save time and improve accounts accuracy – Pre-defined postings save time when completing a frequently posted item –you simply enter the client and matter number, choose the predefined posting and post it.

Efficient time recording – Practice efficiency is at the heart of Express and the automatic time recording functionality picks up the fee earner and charge rate for documents and emails. All chargeable time can be captured, improving productivity and ensuring detailed and accurate time records.

Manage your client relationships – Express allows you to communicate effectively with existing clients, identify cross selling opportunities and recruit new customers.

Solid, scalable and useable – With appealing Office 2010 styling and intuitive navigation, finding your way is easy, minimizing clicks and saving you time. Express is written in .NET and utilises a single SQL database providing a stable, scalable platform where data integrity is assured for a more streamlined approach to IT management.

Be the first to know and first to act on new and ongoing cases.

Know First and Act First. With PLCC, you get the most comprehensive docket retrieval resource. Our solution offers you the largest and most detailed collection of court dockets.

Increase Your Efficiency and Speed. Only PLCC lets you conduct a Single Search across the full text of more than million federal and state court dockets and documents simultaneously. Faster access means you can eliminate hours of tedious work digging and cross referencing court-filed information.

Always Find the Most Relevant Documents. PLCC  gives you the most comprehensive and flexible notification capabilities available, so you can keep close track of your cases of interest. You’ll stay on top of all new and ongoing activity with its unique monitoring and alerting features.

Collect Better Authorities for a Stronger Case. Proud Legal Cloud Court  ® (PLCC)  helps you go deeper, providing you with more complete dockets than anyone else. It’s backed by unmatched coverage, with access to more than million court records and related briefs, pleadings and motions.

Top Features

  • Cutting edge technology giving stability, speed and scalability
  • Full text searching and document versioning within the integrated document management system
  • Attach scanned documents directly to a matter at the touch of a button
  • Drag and drop document and email filing improves efficiency
  • Instant Conflict Check ensures that inappropriate appointments are avoided
  • Fully integrated case management modules improve efficiency and allow completion of tasks by junior members of staff
  • Compliant legal accounting functionality, with one click posting reversals
  • Draft billing and cheque request facility puts the Fee Earner in control of their financial transactions
  • Cheque request authorization process means accounts can only process approved transactions